TD Bank funds white board technology!

Recently, TD Bank generously donated $10,000 for white board technology. It is their support which will truly helps define the new building as state-of-the-art!


Pictured: Back row, left to right, Robyn Garis, TD Bank Retail Market Manager for the Montgomery County,  Laura Serina, TD Bank Commercial Lender and Marcus Pereira, Assistant Vice President of 19th & Tilghman Store, Allentown. Front row, left to right Geoffrey Brandon, TD Bank Regional VP Montgomery County, Easter Seals student and Carl Webster, Easter Seals Executive Director/CEO

To learn more about the building and how white board technology is being used, please call 484.234.8005


Mission Driven Design

Today’s post is a guest blog by Lee A. Casaccio, AIA, LEED AP | Principal, Casaccio Yu Architects

ImageCasaccio Yu Architects was the design firm that helped Easter Seals of Southeastern Pennsylvania transform the former Temple Shalom synagogue into the new Margaret “Judge” Brooks Center. It has meant a lot to us as architects and individuals to be involved with such a meaningful project.

We took very seriously the importance of Easter Seals and the Brooks Center to the community. We wanted to design an environment that would be warm, nurturing, family-oriented, and sustainable. We did a lot of advance thinking to consider how spaces would impact the teachers and children.

We incorporated natural light to ensure the spaces were bright and welcoming. We used soothing colors for a sense of calm and comfort. We created airy, open spaces that accommodate wheelchairs and are flexible to adapt to the changing needs of students and staff. The calming flow of space, softened edges without hard angles, and the water-themed graphics help create comfort zones.

Our Mission Driven DesignTM approach was informed by the Easter Seals goal to make a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. That mission inspired our work and the spaces. We are so gratified to see that the facility has already been meeting its higher purpose. We wish everyone at the Brooks Center continued success.

Temple Shalom Day

This past Sunday, Easter Seals hosted Temple Shalom Day. The event was an opportunity for former members of Temple Shalom to tour the center and see how the newly renovated building would continue to impact the community.

Committee Chairperson, Mindy Goldstein, who helped coordinate the wonderful event, took a moment to speak to the guests, and this is what she had to say:


Thank you all for coming today. This must be a bittersweet experience for those of you whose lives were intertwined with Temple Shalom. Weddings, Baby Naming, Bar Mitzvahs, even Memorial Services once took place right here. The history of the Jewish people is one of movement and houses of worship move on the follow the people they serve. All over the region, one can find buildings that show their Jewish beginnings by virtue of the inscriptions carved over the doorway or into a cornerstone. These buildings have been repurposed for many things, including Houses of Worship for new immigrant groups.

We are here today to show you how this building, which will always be Temple Shalom in your hearts, has been rededicated to another wonderful purpose. It is our hope that this knowledge will help ease the burden of your remembrance.

Easter Seals is an international charitable organization dedicated to helping those with physical and intellectual disabilities. Despite its name, Easter Seals is not affiliated with any religious group and carries no spiritual mission. Easter Seals of Southeastern Pennsylvania is the local affiliate of Easter Seals and primarily serves disabled children.

For many years the disabled children of Lower Bucks County were served through a converted dance school on Trenton Road. Miracles took place there but the building grew old and outmoded. There was no room for expansion. As Easter Seals looked for a new home, this building serendipitously became available and was a perfect fit tor their needs.

I hope you have had the chance to tour the building and see this wondrous transformation. this has been a rewarding but very expensive process for which we are still running a capital campaign so we may utilize it to it’s fullest potential. See what has been done and what can be accomplished, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is a fitting new function for a building that has long meant so much to so many.

left to right: Rabbi Glenn Jacob, Mindy Goldstein, Easter Seals Capital Campaign Committee Chairperson, Roy Yaffe Esq., Easter Seals Board President, Rabbi Elliot Strom, Carl Webster, Easter Seals Executive Director/CEO and Alan Rosenberg of Temple Shalom.

Board Member Perspective….

Below is a blog post from John Miller, a member of our Board of Directors…

As a Board member of Easter Seals of Southeastern Pennsylvania, I can tell
you that there has long been a desire to find a great home for our Bucks
County Division – a building suitable for the great work our staff does.

Mission accomplished.

Our new home in Bucks County is absolutely spectacular, and will
undoubtedly help us to serve the community and to make important
differences in lives of local families. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting
the new facility on a couple of occasions, and one thing stands out to me
– the smiles. Smiles on the staff, smiles on parents, smiles on visitors
and smiles on the students. Our staff is certainly a joyful group, but the
new facility seems to have taken it to new levels.

Most importantly, the new building allows them to better serve our
students. We have more room for equipment and assistive technology, and
dedicated space to work with children who may require additional

By creating this new environment for our students and staff, I believe
we’ve secured a brighter future for the children we serve.

The Million Dollar Mark!!

We did it! Easter Seals hit the million dollar mark in our Campaign for Bucks County. For that we give a million thanks to the donors who brought us to this milestone!

Already, through the support of our donors, the new building is having tremendous impact on the community we serve. Children are navigating the wide bright hallways and exploring their new environment. Staff has the access to the space they need to most effectively work with the children we serve. The dream has finally become a reality.

Though there is still work to be done, on both the building and the campaign, this is reason to celebrate. Easter Seals mission is focused on the needs of our community, our success is defined by the support of our community.

Thank you!

Joy in the little things

For so long, the staff and students “made do”. Mostly because there was nothing they could do. But they made do with a great attitude, an incredible focus on programs and services and the hope that one day, there would be more space.

Well the day is here and the joy is incredible! You can’t help but be excited when you walk through the new building. The staff is smiling even brighter and the children have settled in. Then you notice the little things.

In the old building, there was no place for a sick child to rest in the nurses office. There wasn’t room. Today, not only is there space, but it is also cool enough to bring a smile to any child!

Here is what the nurses office used to look like:

and here is just a part of the nurses office today:


Through the support of the community, access to the little things is making every day extraordinary! If you would like to see more of how the building is shaping up and how you can help us maximize its potential, please let us know!